The first “C” in CCELL® is for Ceramic Core Atomizer. It’s a patented ceramic formula that’s manufactured through a delicate process of high-temperature sintering which creates a slew of nanoscale inlet holes. The Ceramic Core Atomizer acts as a sponge in the CCELL®, so the porous Ceramic Core can absorb extracts while providing an increase in surface area within the atomizer.

These unique features are combined with a high-performance calibrated CCELL® battery and makes the CCELL® provide:

  • High-vaporizing efficiency

  • Even heat distribution

  • Steady and consistent vapor

  • Large vapor volume

  • Pure flavor

  • Powerful potency

The manufacturing of CCELL® patented products is backed by a solid team of 260 engineers equipped with top-of-the-line production facilities, complete with a dedicated R&D center. Boasting over 348 patents in vaporization technology, CCELL® continues to pioneer the highest standard of production capacity and capability.