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Canna Brand Solutions is a wholesale CCELL Technology (cartridge and battery) and Custom Packaging supplier. With our thorough experience in manufacturing and the cannabis industry, we offer adaptive solutions, in-house design, and industry expertise to Cultivators, Extractors, Operators & Retailers.

We offer in-house Design Services to all our partners. Our creative design team work passionately and closely with them to craft high quality designs that represent and elevate their brand. Whether you’re just getting started with your vision or have artwork already completed, our design service options will take you to the finish line.

Canna Brand Solutions sells in wholesale quantities only to licensed growers, extractors, and retailers. Fill up the interest form at the bottom of our website or contact us at 1-833-420-PACK or [email protected] to begin an order.

Unfortunately, we don’t sell direct to consumers. Canna Brand Solutions sells in wholesale quantities only to licensed growers, extractors, and retailers.

The United States continues to be the primary portion of our sales and revenue mix while new emerging markets develop and expand with legalization. We provide our service across all recreational and medical states within the nation.

Following the legalization of adult-use sales in Canada on October 2018, Canna Brand Solutions has been servicing trusted Canadian LPs to provide custom packaging and CCELL products.

Absolutely! With the legalization of adult-use sales in Canada since 2018, we have been servicing happy and satisfied Canadian growers, producers and processors, and will continue to do so.

Yes! You can schedule an appointment with one of our account managers via email ([email protected]) or call us at 1-833-420-PACK to visit our showroom.

All our in-stock (unbranded) and some custom (branded) products are stored at our warehouse in Everett, Washington. We also have an overseas warehouse based in our international factory’s location for ease of drop shipping.

Our international network of factories are located in various states of China, where each factory specializes in specific types of packaging and vape hardware that ensures the most cost effective and highest quality product.

Our domestic factories are in the Pacific Northwest (US), managing express printing and labeling.

You can find us via these social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Canna Brand Solutions sells in wholesale quantities only to licensed growers, extractors, and retailers. That said, we are always open to work with partners who want smaller quantities to begin with. Please fill out the interest form at the bottom of our website, email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-833-420-PACK.

Our shipping and return policy can be found SHIPPING & RETURN POLICY.

If you have any order, shipping, or delivery questions, please contact us directly via email or phone 1-833-420-PACK or [email protected].


Yes! Whether you are just getting started with your vision or have an artwork for reference, our creative design team will work closely with you to create the logo or brand designs that represent and elevate your brand. Check out our selection of Custom Packaging products with a variety of creative logo and brand designs in our custom packaging page.

Under our complimentary Design Services package, we offer a basic design review with dielines for independent design work. After your artwork is reviewed and meets the requirements, we can provide a 3D render for final approval before production.

If you require more design work for your project, check out our Design Services for more package options.

As a wholesale CCELL hardware and custom packaging supplier, we specialize in creative branding designs for our partners.


Designed, calibrated, and optimized for plant derived oil producers/extractors, the CCELL proprietary porous Ceramic core with an embedded 360 heating coil allows for continuous oil flow, saturation, and uniform heating. Preventing adverse taste and burning from occurring, CCELL hardware remains the industry standard when delivering optimal vapor and the purest flavor.

Canna Brand Solutions has been an official CCELL supplier since 2017. We are proud to be a leading wholesale CCELL distributor for its superior technology.

All CCELL 510 Cartridges feature CCELL’s revolutionary ceramic core heating technology, optimized to absorb, and even heat high quality oil effectively with near to zero failure rates.

If you are looking for a vape cartridge with polycarbonate tanks and press-fit mouthpieces, check out the CCELL M6T05 and CCELL M6T10. For 510 cartridges with premium glass tanks and screw-on mouthpieces, the CCELL TH205 and CCELL TH210 will be your option. Customized CCELL Cartridges are also available, please consult our account managers for more details.

As an official wholesale CCELL distributor, we also offer products such as CCELL POD SYSTEMS and CCELL Disposables.

CCELL 510 Batteries are manufactured with high performing, efficient and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that have a 25% higher discharge rate compared to any other brands. They are the best match in optimized performance with our CCELL 510 Cartridges.

You can opt for our buttonless 510 thread CCELL M3 or our CCELL M3B and CCELL M3B Pro batteries that have variable temperature settings; If you are looking for a more premium selection, check out our sleek and stylish CCELL Palm and CCELL Silo batteries!

Customization options are available per request. Please consult our account managers for more info.

Canna Brand Solutions have been a proud CCELL distributor since 2017. We are not looking for sub-distributors at the moment. However, if you are looking for a bulk purchase of in-stock CCELL hardware, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or call us at 1-833-420-PACK.


All safety documents are available to licensed and authorized companies requiring additional information. Please contact our Account Managers with any inquiries.

CCELL is a leading manufacturer of vaporizing devices and cartridges based in Shen Zhen, China. As an official CCELL supplier, CCELL hardware is manufactured in the technological hub of China – Shenzhen, with the custom design team being based in Everett, Washington.

Negative. Canna Brand Solutions is licensed to only sell unfilled CCELL vaporization hardware to licensed and authorized extractors and processors. Our partners are legally responsible to extract, fill, seal and deliver said cartridges to licensed retailers.

No. We do not recommend the use, nor does our supply chain utilize Vitamin E acetate at any point. Canna Brand Solutions sell only empty CCELL 510 Cartridges and CCELL POD SYSTEMS to licensed extractors. We strictly advise against any formulations or processes that include Vitamin E acetate in the oil. Please refer to the state and national regulations to ensure your craft oil is compliant.

We place the utmost importance to the safety of our CCELL devices and CCELL cartridges and do everything in our ability to make sure these CCELL products are the safest for our partners. CCELL hardware are manufactured with materials complaint with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules and regulations for parts that are in contact with the oil and users. All components in our CCELL cartridges and CCELL pods are tested per FDA food-grade standards.

We work closely with CCELL to ensure safety of the components used in all CCELL products.

All CCELL products went through the most stringent testing and no heavy metals were detected from the results.

All Lithium-ion battery cells used in CCELL 510 Batteries and CCELL POD SYSTEMS batteries meet the requirements of UN38.3, ensuring air transportation safety.  All CCELL 510 batteries are equipped with short-circuit protection that disables the output should a short be detected. Rechargeable CCELL batteries include overcharge protection to protect the battery cell.


There are two ways to charge your CCELL batteries: USB 510 charger or Micro-USB cable

USB 510 Charger (CCELL M3, CCELL M3B, CCELL M3B Pro): Unscrew the 510 cartridge and screw in the USB charger of the power supply. Connect the device to an active USB port or adapter.

Micro-USB Cable (CCELL Palm, CCELL Silo, CCELL Dart, CCELL Bellos, CCELL Luster, CCELL Uno): Remove the cartridge or pod from the battery, plug in the micro-USB to the bottom of the battery and then connect the USB to an active USB port or adapter.

It is recommended that you charge your device after use.

When charging, the LED indicator or end-tip light will light up and remain lit. Once the battery reaches a full charge, the light will flash 20 times and then turned off.

If the battery is plugged into an active power supply and the light is not lit, it has a full charge.

Prevent condensation by keeping the contact pins within the device and at the bottom of the cartridge or pod clean and dry: Use a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol to clean the contact points and make sure they are thoroughly dry before reconnecting.

If draw-activation does not occur, try one of the following steps:

  • Make sure the battery is partially or fully charged.
  • Turn the mouthpiece or lightly press on the pod to ensure positive connection between the cartridge/pod and battery.
  • Detach the cartridge or pod from the battery, then clean the contact points of the battery and the bottom of the cartridge/pod with a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol).

If the above steps do not work and your product is still within the warranty period, you can return the device with a receipt to the retail store where you purchased it.

CCELL will provide repair or replacement for wholesale purchasers under warranty according to the following terms and conditions:

Warranty provides repair or replacement free of charge for defective and damaged products within 180 days from the date of purchase.

The Warranty does not cover personal items or consumable attachments, including but not limited to metal adaptors and USB cables.

The Warranty does not cover any non-CCELL brand products even in the case of their direct involvement, i.e. if you are not using a CCELL cartridge with a CCELL battery we cannot guarantee the warranty.

If you have purchased your CCELL products from local licensed retailers, please refer to them on their returns/replacements policy.

All filled cartridges may run the risk of leakage when transported from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. The degree of leaking depends on the level of the cartridge is filled, the increase of elevation, and the speed of elevation change.

To prevent leakage, store your cartridge or pods with the mouthpiece pointing downwards.


No. All CCELL cartridges, CCELL pods and CCELL batteries are unable to be used for tobacco-derived products.

This heavily depends on the frequency of use by the users via inhale duration and the type of oil/extract that is used to fill the CCELL 510 Cartridges or CCELL POD SYSTEMS.

CCELL cartridges and CCELL pods vaporize oil at a consistent rate of 5mg per a 3-second draw. Based on this level of consumption, a 0.5ml cartridge or pod would last approximately 100 draws.

The CCELL 510 Batteries life depends on the frequency and duration of use.

On average, the CCELL battery provides sufficient energy to fully vaporize a half gram (0.5ml) cartridge on a full charge cycle.

A typical Lithium-ion battery loses 20% of its capacity after 300 full charge cycles. It will continue the same power but will not last as long between charges.

Cartridge or pod is empty when vapor is no longer produced after a 3-second activation. Due to headspace, the cartridge may still produce vapor after the tank appears to be empty because out of view oil being absorbed in the atomizer.

Negative. All CCELL cartridges and CCELL pods are designed for single-use purpose.

CCELL cartridges feature a standard 510 thread connection for universal compatibility. They are manufactured with two airflow paths for auto-draw and button-activated CCELL batteries.

However, we cannot guarantee full compatibility with non-CCELL batteries.

  • When in low battery, the light tip or LED indicator will flash 10 times to indicate the need to charge. When the device is in need of recharging, the light will no longer illuminate
  • When the device is charging, the light will light up and remain lit.
  • When the device reaches a full charge, the light will flash 20 times and then turn off. If the device is plugged into an active power supply and the light is not lit, it has a full charge.

All CCELL vaporizers will automatically shut off after 10 seconds of continuous draw.

Please refer to the U.S. Federal Aviation Regulations on transport and use of substances and pharmaceuticals. Visit the Federal Aviation Administration website for the latest information.


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