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CCELL M6T Poly Carts and CCELL TH2 Glass Carts: Which is Better?

Nine years have passed since the state of Washington and Colorado first legalized recreational use, and our ways of consumption have progressed far beyond flower and joints. Technological advancement has since introduced a strong contender to the retail category – oil and concentrate vaporization products, which have sold almost $200 million per month in retail sales nationwide in 2021.

To this day, vaping has evolved into one of the most effective and popular ways to consume THC and CBD. Consumers today are spoiled for choice with a wide variety of vaping products, with 510 oil cartridges still being the most versatile selection by users.

Those who are not strangers to 510 oil cartridges game would be familiar with CCELL 510 carts. Whether it is the CCELL M6T cartridge with polycarbonate tank or the CCELL TH2 cartridge with borosilicate glass tank, both have equally acquired the highest regard by processors and users as one of the best performing 510 cartridges in the market. While both are equally regarded as the best and the most popular, many are still puzzled at the differences that set the two cartridge types apart. Is there a difference between the two in terms of user experience? Which CCELL 510 cartridge should be a processor or extractor’s perfect choice?

CCELL Flavor Potency


Both CCELL M6T and CCELL TH2 are Powered by CCELL technology

Featuring CCELL revolutionary ceramic core heating technology, these CCELL cartridges with 510 threads are optimized to absorb and evenly heat high quality oil more effectively. CCELL carts are embedded with a proprietary porous ceramic core replacing the conventional cotton wick heating element, providing continuous oil flow and uniform heating to ensure high quality oils are evenly heated without being burnt, all while producing a consistent, voluminous, and flavor-packed vapor.

Both CCELL M6T and CCELL TH2 cartridges were manufactured with food-grade material mouthpieces and medical-grade 316L stainless steel inner body, setting the new standard for safety and quality.

As both CCELL 510 cartridges share the same CCELL revolutionary ceramic coil and manufacturing materials internally, processors, extractors and retailers are rest assured that end-user experience and device performance are the same.



Polycarbonate (CCELL M6T) and Borosilicate Glass (CCELL TH2)

One of the most inherent difference between the CCELL M6T cartridge and the CCELL TH2 cartridge is the materials used to construct the tank/body of each carts.

The body of the CCELL M6T series is made with polycarbonate materials. Due to the formulation of the thermoplastics being food and medical grade, the polycarbonate tank can hold concentrates with various terpene percentage without the risk of corrosion.

The CCELL TH2 series is designed with a borosilicate glass housing, ensuring better anticorrosion properties and oil flowability. As the glass housing is made with high-grade borosilicate glass, users are reassured that the cartridge will not break upon impact while maintaining a luxury feel to the product.



Press-fit mouthpiece (CCELL M6T) and Screw-fit mouthpiece (CCELL TH2)

Another main difference between the CCELL M6T cartridge and the CCELL TH2 cartridge is the distinct types of mouthpieces that make sealing or capping the two cartridges being operated differently.

The plastic CCELL M6T cartridge comes with a press-fit mouthpiece, which requires a specialized tool such as an arbor press or a dedicated pressing machine to apply pressure onto the mouthpiece to fully cap the cartridge. The silicone ring at the base of the mouthpiece ensures the cartridge is tamper proof once capped, preventing a pre-filled 510 cartridge from leakage.

The glass CCELL TH2 cartridge is designed with a screw-fit mouthpiece, which can be easily sealed by twisting onto the cartridge housing either by hand or with a dedicated capping machine. Silicone rings are fitted at both the bottom of the screw-fit mouthpiece and the threading of the cartridge inner pole, securing the cartridge from any form of leaking.

*Our friends at Thompson Duke specializes in filling and capping machines designed to fill any oil vaporizer device in the market, especially CCELL cartridges and CCELL pod systems. Check out their website to know more!


Both the CCELL M6T and the CCELL TH2 are equipped with CCELL’s revolutionary patented ceramic coil, which ensures that either of the 510 carts performs as superior as the other.  The only differences between the two are the material make-up of the housing and the types of mouthpiece that goes along with the respective product.

CCELL TH2 M6T CartsAbout Canna Brand Solutions

Canna Brand Solutions is an innovative custom packaging supplier and an official CCELL Distributor. We are a wholesale cartridge, battery, and packaging supplier, and more. Our passion to build lasting relationships with our partners motivates us to exceed your expectations, helping you grow your brand in this ever-evolving global industry.

With our deep experience in manufacturing and the cannabis industry, we offer adaptive custom packaging solutions, in-house design, and industry expertise to Cultivators, Extractors, Operators & Retailers.

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