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CB Solutions’ Sales Process: How to Order CCELL or Custom Packaging

The common issues producers, processors and retail owners face when they attempt to purchase from unknown packaging and hardware suppliers typically revolve around the following:

  • Bad service: Little to zero communication from quote to order
  • Over-complicated buying process: Confusing payment and shipping options and custom clearance problems
  • Unsatisfactory buying experience: Zero guidance, questionable recommendations, empty promises, and no after-sales assistance

These buyers are looking for a reliable partner, but that seems to be a strenuous task as they sift through a slew of the “Best Custom Design Packaging” or “Top Vape Hardware Providers” they find online.



The wonders of the internet have allowed buyers to effortlessly look up specific vape hardware or packaging online through Google, Alibaba and Amazon.

You can source from a massive list of factories with a single keyword or a specific product name through the search bar. It is public knowledge that these factories are based overseas and the prices they offer are phenomenally cheaper than what you can find locally.

While you can find a long list of factories that make the hardware or packaging that you are looking for, buying direct from factories does come at a cost – at times, a little too heavy to pay. Language is a concern as you need to make sure the factory truly understands your needs and requirements.

At times, to win your business, these factories will say “yes” to anything without properly addressing the limitations or challenges that may arise. To keep their online prices low, overseas factories will omit the hidden costs that may arise after the products have been produced: Shipping and Logistics, Tariffs and Taxes. On top of that, once products have been produced and shipped, there is almost zero chance that you are able to request a return or callback should there be any issues regarding the product.

Ordering directly from a factory might be the way to go if you are looking for something quick and relatively cheap, only if you bear in mind that you would do away with quality and no returns.


You can also find a list of local distributors or suppliers from the internet, however, the list is significantly lesser than what you can find on the direct-from-factory list. These local companies work with overseas and local factories on your behalf and make sure the products come out the way you intended them to be. Albeit the price per unit will be more expensive than ordering direct, it saves you the hassle and time of dealing with the additional processes such as shipping, logistics and custom clearance.

Local companies understand the culture and the industry that you are in and understand that quality is of an upmost importance. Many of these local distributors or suppliers have a proper quality control process in place to make sure that products meets the buyer’s needs and requirements. Being present locally also means that these local companies understand the changing and competitive nature of the industry, which is why they employ a more adaptive product solution.

Working with a local distributor or supplier revolves around the value of long-term partnerships. The nature of business is a marathon game: If you’re looking at long-term growth, you should be looking for a partner that is there to stay with you throughout the journey.


To identify whether the supplier can be utilized as part of your supply chain, you will need to take note on the process from when you first reach out for a quote until you receive the hardware or packaging.

Canna Brand Solutions has developed the Design-to-Delivery system that entails a step-by-step process on how buyers and partners can easily purchase custom CCELL products or order custom packaging solutions:

Design to delivery


The first litmus test to know whether you will enjoy working with a supplier is based on the responsive rate after you reached out for a quote. Whether you called or emailed to request for a quote, the standard response time for a supplier should be within 1 to 2 business days. If you come across any that responded only 3 days or after, imagine the frustration when you are working with them.


Every business has its unique needs and challenges and must be addressed before being given a quote. A supplier that you can trust will not sell you the “best” or “popular” products right off the bat. Instead, they would rather spend some time to meet with you or set up a meeting with you to discuss and to understand your business better: Which timeline works best for you? Which hardware works best with your product? Which packaging solutions fits your budget better?


This is where the real fun starts. Some companies may already have an idea about how their hardware or packaging should look like; Some might require more guidance in materializing their custom hardware or custom packaging.

This step requires the synergy between both buyer and supplier to work together creatively in developing the perfect custom hardware or packaging that perfectly meets the branding needs and budgetary requirements.


Whether if it is an originally designed prototype or a customized design of an existing product, you should receive a physical sample of the hardware or packaging before approval for production. A digital visual is less advised but still acceptable depending on timeline constraints. Once approved, production will immediately come after, so make sure you double or triple-checked the samples before you give your supplier the nod.


A responsible distributor or supplier will always keep you updated on the production and delivery milestones, even if it yields bad news. Bad things happen all the time beyond our control and the best service a distributor or supplier could offer is transparency. This way, if there is a delay in production or shipping, you can anticipate the change in timeline and better manage your supply chain.


The industry is rapidly changing, and the competition is fierce. That is why having a trusted supplier as a partner is important for those who aims for a long-term and successful growth. Bad hardware or packaging quality, non-compliant packaging that leads to lower sales or being kept in the dark due to the lack of transparency in manufacturing and shipping process should be the least of a buyer’s worries.

Working with a trusted partner in the supply chain would indirectly increase sales and buyers will have more time focusing on other business priorities. That is why choosing to work with the right distributor or supplier comes a long way to ensure success in a business.

Canna Brand Solutions Partnership Promise:
  1. We will always answer your call
  2. We have a dedicated team that works with you
  3. We will always be upfront and transparent
  4. We will keep on innovating, so you stay ahead
  5. We will make the process fun and simple
  6. We will find the best solution to meet your timelines

About Canna Brand Solutions

Canna Brand Solutions is an innovative custom packaging supplier and an official CCELL Distributor. We are a wholesale cartridge, battery, and packaging supplier, and more. Our passion to build lasting relationships with our partners motivates us to exceed your expectations, helping you grow your brand in this ever-evolving global industry.

With our deep experience in manufacturing and the cannabis industry, we offer adaptive custom packaging solutions, in-house design, and industry expertise to Cultivators, Extractors, Operators & Retailers.

Our partner’s success is our commitment. When you partner with us, you partner with family.

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