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Best Pre-Roll Packaging Products


From fresh-packed singles to attractive multipacks, check out these innovative selections for pre-roll packaging in the market.

The use of generic packaging for pre-rolls such as mylar bags and low-cost plastic tubes is no longer a viable option. Many companies are leaning towards more inventive ways to securely package their pre-rolls while effectively marketing their brands to stay competitive in the market. With companies paying more attention to making their pre-roll packaging more impressionable, secure, and functionable, designing more consumer-focused custom pre-roll packaging is in high demand.

By understanding consumer behavior of how end-users carry and interact with their pre-rolls, Canna Brand Solutions offers a range of selected, tried, and true custom pre-roll packaging solutions that shouts innovation and sophistication.


Child Resistant Pop-Top Pre-Roll TubeSince early recreational days, the consensus among growers and users is that single pre-rolled cone/joint/blunt option will always be in demand. Initial stock measurements of pre-roll joint tubes made for pre-rolls in specific gramage have expanded with new concept designs to accommodate custom sized pre-rolls such as king-sized infused joints and Cannagars.

Security also plays a factor in creating the perfect joint tube. Based on states where businesses operate, regulations in requiring pre-roll packaging to be child resistant (CR) have set forth the demand for CR pre-roll tubes. With this in mind, Canna Brand Solutions have standardized its custom pre-rolled tubes equipped with CR functionality and expanded custom sizes up to a 2g pre-roll.

Businesses also realized the importance of custom branding and labelling over the usage of simple, generic labels to differentiate themselves in the eyes of consumers. The color schemes and design concepts used in custom CR pre-rolled tubes speaks volume to their unique brand identity and product benefits. Custom options such as direct printing and metallic or gold foiling are commonly associated with the luxury that comes from premium pre-rolls.



Metal Tins Pre-Roll MultipacksRetail stores and dispensaries are set-up to provide the perfect custom in-store experience, dedicated to product safety and quality. Understanding that buyers make a subconscious buying decision based on the product’s appearance, we are seeing more high-end pre-roll brands use custom metal tins to package their pre-made joints for the shelves.

Metal tins naturally embody premium and luxury. This type of pre-roll packaging is inherently stronger than cartons or plastic, which prevents pre-roll breakage and moisture retention. Made mostly with aluminum due to its non-toxic properties, these tins are the perfect showcase of a premium branding element. With the subtle metallic sound made when feeling or opening the metal tins, packaging pre-rolls in them creates the perfect purchase and unboxing experience for retail store or dispensary customers.


Minimal color printing, embossing, or debossing will sufficiently enhance the overall appearance of metal tins. Additionally, brands can choose to pair the metal tins with an external card sleeve or labels to include details for the pre-roll such as content, strain-type, and manufacturer information. You can check out more info about custom metal tins for pre-roll packaging at Canna Brand Solutions’ website for custom pre-roll packaging.


Custom Pre-Roll Boxes for Singles and MultipacksPlastic pre-roll packaging has been a popular option in the market for the past decade as it is cheap to be mass produced. However, many companies are looking into bio-degradable options to stay true to their eco-friendly initiatives. While recycled plastic has made its strides in recent years, the cost of producing recycled plastic materials remains at a higher price tag, a strong deterrent from a business profitability point-of-view.

Producers and growers are now banking on an existing trend of packaging tube-shaped products – custom pre-roll boxes. With the constant innovative nature of the industry, the increased demand of pre-roll boxes has contributed to including child resistant feature into new designs.

Made with paperboard or cardboard, custom pre-roll boxes can be made into different shapes and sizes to fit singles or multi-pack pre-rolls. Brands can make use of the flexible nature of custom pre-roll boxes and mold them into various creative ways to be displayed in retail locations.


In addition to a variety of shapes and sizes, Canna Brand Solutions offers a wide array of customizable options such as foiling, UV spot gloss & soft touch application, embossing and debossing to maximize the branding real estate of its customers’ selected custom pre-roll rigid boxes.


Over recent months, there is an increased effort of legal states loosening their regulations on packaging. It is evident that there are a lot of opportunities for growth and innovation on pre-rolled cones and the pre-roll packaging.

With users looking for a more convenient consuming experience, pre-rolls will remain steadfast as a retail and dispensary favorite. While most producers or farmers may lean towards affordability, it is an indisputable fact that branding and differentiation are key towards being successful in the pre-roll market.

About Canna Brand Solutions

Canna Brand Solutions is an innovative custom packaging supplier and an official CCELL Distributor. We are a wholesale cartridge, battery, and packaging supplier, and more. Our passion to build lasting relationships with our partners motivates us to exceed your expectations, helping you grow your brand in this ever-evolving global industry.

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